Equation of Everything

Corporate Entertainment

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There are many benefits to hiring an entertainer for your corporate event. For many years now companies have enjoyed using the talents of various entertainers from ice sculptors, dance troupes, musicians, circus acts, hypnotists, magicians and then there's me - a mind reader.

So what can I, a mind reader, bring to your next event? Quite apart from revealing a thought of word, predicting numbers, replicating a drawing, etc. I can instill a message into the performance, one that promotes the brand, identity or ethos of your business. I can create a performance to enhance or highlight a particular product, motivate the staff, poke fun at the CEO or even present the equation of the theory of everything for Professor Stephen Hawking. The professor had invited me to attend my first Starmus Festival and to present a piece of comedy that related directly to his work on Black Holes and of course, time.

Whatever the approach, I will ensure that the proceedings are remembered, and above all, enjoyed immensely. With my injection of comedy, the routines are not only fun to watch, but even greater fun to participate in.