Laughter goes viral

Laughter Goes Viral!

Written by: David Zambuka | Posted on: | Category:

Laughter is infectious, it spreads like a virus, from one group to another. No amount of hand washing can prevent it but a face mask could certainly dull down the laughter. An audience very much has a pack mentality. If the person next to you laughs then you’re likely to laugh too, after all you don’t want to appear as someone who didn’t get the joke? Of course there will always be someone that doesn’t find me funny, but at least they’re in an environment where (hopefully) everybody else does. It’s hard to keep a straight face when all around you are rolling in the aisles.

Like laughter, yawns also promote an auto-response. However, yawning during my show is something I actively try to avoid…

Laughter is a release and comedians can use that tool to garner a laugh from a sensitive subject or perhaps a darker topic. People WANT to laugh and sometimes they just need that opportunity to do it. That prompt from others in the audience tells them;

**A: It’s okay to laugh

B: This is the right time to laugh

Laughter soon spreads and the more you laugh, well, the more you laugh and infect those all around you.

Funny videos on social media go viral, faster than Covid-19 and with happier results. Comedy is my tool and I guarantee the audience will be throughly entertained and hopefully the laughter bug will be something they DO take away and spread to others!