Product launch

Product Launches

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Product launches are another field within the corporate entertainment sector. A new product brings with it a level of excitement and anticipation both for staff involved in it’s development, and for customers eager to see what the latest “thing” is. Car manufacturers were among the first to recognise the use of magicians and magic to reveal their new model. We’re all familiar with the illusion revealing the new car from a previous empty space with just the wave of hand. But how does a mentalist fare?

Mental magic is incredibly flexible and mind feats involving the audience can be utilised for a product reveal and make it just as memorable as that appearing car. I specialise in tailoring all my performances to suit the theme, brand and where possible, the product. I successfully used my mind reading talents to introduce the audience to credit cards, a games console, mobile phone, a diamond ring and even a designer clothing line.

With the performance customised in this way, the product is the star of the show and remains in the audience's minds. Clients go away with having enjoyed the experience and, more importantly,   remembering your product.